In Service to the Thrones

Ownership Transfer

Weschler Auction House Sales Reciept

The following items are sold to one Resh Cazadores for the sum of 75000 thrones (and further considerations -AW) on this the date of our emperor 82614503:M41.

  • 1 x Thirsting Peacock:
    Notes : A piece of decorative archeotech in the form of a tall peacock with gilded feathers and deep turquoise and indigo enamels. When placed in front of vessel of liquid it will pantomime drinking for hours.

There is the chance that this bird still drinks less than you my friend -AW

  • 1 x Toothed Watch:
    This watch appears to be composed of thousands of tiny gilt gears and bands moving ceaselessly. The case is picked out in rose gold and priceless gemstones. Still running it is accurate to the pico second.

An excellent choice I considered keeping it but in the end the offer was too good to pass on -AW

  • 1 x Exotic Wood Sculpture and stand:
    This egg shaped sculpture will bring warmth and charm to any foyer or sitting room it is placed in. It’s deep red wood and heavy swirls of grain provide a relaxing centerpiece to any nobles home.

It’s pretty but I wonder if you know something I don’t -AW

  • 1 x Pilgrims Sabre:
    This family heirloom has been donated by a pilgrim passing through Port Wander to help fund the repair of a mural to the Emperor Triumphant. Please keep him in mind and bid generously.

Pretty sure that is more than they really expected to get for this. Possibly you are just a fan of religious murals? -AW

  • 1 x Set of Religious Texts:
    These texts were donated by pilgrims attempting to help fund the repair and refurnishing of a Ministorium Hall that was recently opened to space through a micro meteorite strike. Please keep this in mind and bid generously.

Perhaps you should cut back on the amasec my friend Who am I to question your charitable nature, my apologies. -AW

  • 3 x Journals Belonging to Rogue Trader Swigert Haise:
    Hidebound Journals containing the personal thoughts of a famous Rogue Trader. These locking journals are tastefully picked out in Red Grox Hide with gold chasings and bindings. The journals are lockable and the keys are provided with them. Sold As is.

I am afraid these will not help you very much as they appear to be filled with the ravings of a madman interspersed with pure gibberish. -AW

  • 1 x Decorative Datavault owned by Rogue Trader Swigert Haise:
    This datavault was once owned by the famous Rogue Trader Swigert Haise and it is said he stored his most precious secrets on it. Though its contents remain encrypted and inaccessible the item itself is a wonderful conversation piece and a must have for any collector.

I hope you are able to retrieve whatever it is you are looking for my friend. Just remember me when you do! In many ways I am glad that you came along asking about this particular item, it was unlikely to sell well. Who wants to own what is essentially a glorified data slate? -AW