In Service to the Thrones

Seneschal's Notes

A tangled too simple beginning.

Recording Begins Timestamp 81414830

I find myself going over the events of today far more than I normally would. On the surface this meeting with Deson Tort should trouble me no more than any other vagrant I send to babble at the Trader with the promise of gold.

(a long pause of about 15 seconds)

And yet .. I find myself turning what should be a simple moment over and over in my mind. And as I do I find flaws in it, tiny cracks in its facade that lead to twisting canyons full of questions.

Who is this vagrant really?
Was he ever employed by Trader Haise?
Who has he already sold this information to before he approached my contacts?

Lord Cazadores mentioned that they surprised him meeting with another noble. Was this just one of many? Is our eventual goal already at risk of being stolen from us?

(short pause 5 seconds)

What is our goal here? I have already started my contacts and scribes towards researching this Trader Haise and his legacy and though what they are unearthing leads me to believe that there are assets to be acquired for the glory of our dynasty I still worry.

(longer pause a liquid can be heard being poured and Stolnik can be heard swallowing.)

I smell blood in the water and I wonder if it is ours already.

Recording Ends 81414845