In Service to the Thrones

Your mercenary future begins.

Commerce and Conflict await.

Gentlemen, Ladies, Barbarous Pirates,

It begins. When you set forth from here you will no longer be bound by the constraints of morality or law, your only constraints will be those you lay upon yourselves. Will you be the gentle trader giving succor to the poor worlds of the expanse? The ruthless industrialist tearing a fortune from the iron flesh of worlds? The noble pirate setting forth to rob the rich and give to yourself? These are the choices you will make as the gravity twists under you and the plasma drives flare. None are wrong, though most have consequences.

What will they say of your dynasty when you are gone?

[GM: Free 100 xp for filling out your Bio. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy but give me a vague idea where you came from and what your goals are. Keep in mind you have a framework to work off of from your origin path.]