Gevar Maraise

A prominent merchant aboard Port Wander


A merchant of minor importance based aboard Port Wander.


Stolnik Bailli notes:

  • Family once commanded more power in the past. Much of the family’s assets were lost during the Gevar’s fathers administration due to poor investments.
  • Minor Connection to Rogue Trader Haise in that they had been increasingly linked as trade partners before his (Haise) disappearance.
  • Father disappeared around 30 years ago. Rumor seems to think that Gevar arranged his disappearance to save what family fortune was left intact.

“While of minor importance we should probably keep an eye on his movements as Gevar is known to hold a grudge and take insult at the slightest chance. I have dispatched a small number of agents to investigate the family further as my information is somewhat out of date.”

Gevar Maraise

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