Lady Adolfi Lily

A capricious and dangerous noble


Lady Adolfi Lily, wife of Lord Adelbear Lily, is a noble of some impact residing on Port Wander. A tall woman with a regal manner she is prominent in the society circles.


Stolnik Bailli Notes:

  • Actual age is approaching 95 though repeated rejeuvenat treatments keep her overall appearance around 35-40
  • Capricious and quick to anger she is however not prone to dramatic outbursts of emotion.
  • Husband is heavily invested into station property and owns many of the major cargo importation bays.
  • Rumors of affairs can be heard but many are dismissed as pure slander. Generally by friends of the Lady.

“Of personal note part of the reason these rumors remain only rumor is due to the sudden disappearance of the affairs other participant. This points to either a vengeful husband (of which Adelbear does not appear to fit the mold) or a cold logical elimination of threats to proper status.”

Lady Adolfi Lily

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