The Bluebell

Nimble and Bellicose this Sword Class Frigate has served the Cazadores well.



  • Jovian Pattern Class 2 (Generates P45) [SP 10]
  • Strelov 1 Warp Engine [P10, SP10]
  • Geller Field [P1]
  • Single Void Shield [P5, SP1]
  • Command Bridge [P2, SP1, SHP1]:
    +5 to Command
    +5 to Ballistic
    [Disabled on a Critical Hit of 3 or higher {D10}]
  • Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer [P2, SP1, SHP1]
  • Voidsmen Quarters [P1, SP3]
  • Mark-201.b Augur Array [P5]
    This is an External Component
  • Observation Dome [SP1, SHP1]:
    +50 Achievement Points towards Exploration Objectives.
    +1 Increase to Permanent Morale.
  • Luxury Passenger Quarters [P2, SP1, SHP1]:
    +100 Achievement Points to Criminal, Trade and Creed Objectives.
    -1 decrease to Permanent Morale.
  • Librarium Vault [P1, SP1, SHP1]:
    +10 to any Investigation Test taken onboard ship.
  • Extended Supply Vaults [P1, SP4, SHP7]:
    Double the time ship may remain in void without suffering Crew Population or Morale Loss.
    When Making Extended Repairs repair 1 additional Hull Integrity.
    +1 Increase to Permanent Morale.
  • Internal Shuttle Bay [Capacity 4 Guncutters/Lifters]:
    1. Captain’s Yacht {Customised Guncutter}
    2. Unoccupied
    3. Unoccupied
    4. Unoccupied

A Nose for Trouble:
+5 Detection
-1 Armour

Turbulent Past
-20 to interactions with Void Pirates
+20 to interactions with Imperial Navy

The Bluebell

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