The Abandoned Stars

This small formation of stars sits huddled in the Koronus expanse in the area known as The Cauldron. When these stars were first found the original imperial explorators noted evidence of a system spanning civilization. They found ancient satellites of primitive design with references to 9 planets around a class 7B21 star. However when the explorators traveled to this location they found no planets, only a small yellow star huddled alone in the void.

Though they performed extensive surveys the explorators were unable to locate the planets alluded to by the artifacts, no debris or evidence that they ever existed was found. In the end the explorators were unable to explain the disappearance and left unsatisfied.

It was during the second trip to these stars that the structures were found. A vast array of orbital structures varying in size from as small as a hen’s egg to as large as a planetoid, maintaining stationary orbits around each of the abandoned stars. They have no conformity to each other beyond the labyrinthian grooves that cover their surfaces and their complete sensor opacity. The second expedition also reported that visual contact with the structures sometimes deeply affected expedition members and as such they were unable to explore them further.

Since then numerous attempts have been made by explorators to return to the Abandoned stars, either in search of the meaning behind these void faring monoliths or in search of the unaccounted planets. They do not stay long and often do not return.

The Abandoned Stars

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